October 21, 2020

About Us

About the People's Law

The People’s Law was created for the lawyers by the lawyers. We strive to provide the most accurate, most recent law news and happenings for lawyers based in Southern California.

Started in 2006, the People’s Law was initially a small bi-weekly gathering of lawyers sharing best practices. 

As the group grew, they eventually began recording their meetings and starting a newsletter to keep those who couldn’t attend up-to-date.

As things continued to progress, the newsletter became a website, and the website has grown into what you see today.


Riley Jones

Riley Jones is a civil defense attorney and was one of the original three lawyers who would meet together every other week.

Nick Marcus

Nick Marcus is a business attorney who has helped to establish some of the most popular businesses in Orange County over the past two decades.

Colin Henson

Colin was the original mind behind the People’s Group, gathering Nick and Riley together at the very beginning.