July 15, 2024

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About the People's Law

The People’s Law was created for the lawyers by the lawyers. We strive to provide the most accurate, most recent law news and happenings for lawyers based in Southern California.

Started in 2006, the People’s Law was initially a small bi-weekly gathering of lawyers sharing best practices. 

As the group grew, they eventually began recording their meetings and starting a newsletter to keep those who couldn’t attend up-to-date.

As things continued to progress, the newsletter became a website, and the website has grown into what you see today.

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Those who plan to start a business in California must be familiar with the state laws implemented to operate a business. One must fill themselves up with knowledge about the legality of their venture. As a business owner, one of the first things you should do is be aware of any new mandates or changes each year, as these could affect your business practices. For larger employers, you must comply with the new requirements; this translates into more attention required from the human resources department. For small employers who do not have HR departments, you must still consider the laws and implement them into your business practices. Not all laws lead to changes to all sectors; there are mandates applied only to specific industries. 

There are several laws in California when it comes to contracts. It is crucial to know them to be aware of how to handle contracts. Businesses and individuals should pay attention to contract laws. In California, the contract determines if a business operator should not or should be compensated when a client breaches a contract. The contract entitles business owners to take on legal fees for litigation. Otherwise,  you do not need to pay for attorney fees even if one decides to continue in a court of law once stipulated in the contract. If the contract requires that the business pay for the charges, they can explore alternatives to settle the case. Contracts can either be expressed in words and implied in the conduct of the organizations as stated under the law of California. 

Businesses should also bear in mind the legislation regarding minimum wage rate changes. The current rate may be higher than the year prior. Ensure an updated and correct minimum wage and review your cash flow. Examine how this could affect your business practices. Employers should also provide overtime compensation during holidays or extra work periods. If an employee exceeds 8 hours of work per day or exceeds 40 hours of work in one week, employers should compensate them for their overtime work. Pay attention to the laws that protect employees. Respect your employees and their rights, your employees and compliance will help your business to grow.

Compliance For Better Performance
Business owners must abide by national laws but also local regulations. It is important to stay vigilant in times of change. Heed notice to changes in regulations and implement them as soon as possible. Annually review all of your existing business policies and practices to make sure you are updated and current. Once these changes are implemented, you will need to notify your employees of new practices going forward, in accordance with revised policies. Compliance means that your company implements these practices consistently. 

No business owner wants to be hit with a legal catastrophe. It is best if you can avoid unnecessary litigation so that you can save time and money and focus on things that are immediate and important. Complying consistently with the law will improve the overall performance of your business and employees.

 The information on this website should not be taken as official legal advice, however, we provide updates on all of the latest news in the industry.

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Riley Jones

Riley Jones is a civil defense attorney and was one of the original three lawyers who would meet together every other week.

Nick Marcus

Nick Marcus is a business attorney who has helped to establish some of the most popular businesses in Orange County over the past two decades.

Colin Henson

Colin was the original mind behind the People’s Group, gathering Nick and Riley together at the very beginning.