July 15, 2024

Dangerous Times

“Is it just me, or are drivers getting worse out here?” A friend texted me just a few weeks ago. He had been almost hit at least three times that day alone, he went on to tell me.

I myself had narrowly escaped getting sideswiped that day by a careless driver merging into my lane without bothering to look. I pondered his text, going over all the near misses I had had over the previous year. “No, it really seems that way to me, too. There’s a strange recklessness in driving that simply did not exist just a couple of years ago.”

I decided to dig a little deeper after this exchange and, as it turned out, our impression turned out to be true. Despite people driving far less, 2020 was a terrible year in terms of injury and death due to car accidents – up over 8% from the previous year for deaths from accidents.

That’s just the very surface level stats as well – a far scarier stat comes when you average out the death rate for miles traveled, which increased from 1.2 to 1.49 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, which equates to a 24% increase in deaths attributed to accidents. That is just deaths, of course – with injuries and property damage, the monetary valuation for everything combined came out to $475 billion.

The primary cause? Likely recklessness, as me and my friend had posited during our conversation. The number of misdemeanor convictions for speeding shot up considerably in the last year, along with an increase in DUIs.

This trend unfortunately has not stopped with 2021, and if anything it just seems to be getting worse. If you find yourself or a loved one as a victim of the kind of reckless driving we’ve all noticed has increased, you’re going to need to seriously consider getting a lawyer, because those hospital bills aren’t cheap and insurance companies love low balling payouts.

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It’s getting more dangerous on the road by the day, and finding a solid car accident attorney is an unfortunately essential precaution many of us are going to need to take as we venture out of our homes and back into the office. For an experienced and conscientious hand in the industry, contact Villasenor Law Offices at:

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