June 14, 2024

Divorce Attorneys That Break The Mold

Divorce lawyers tend to get a bad reputation almost everywhere, and for good reason: they’re most sought after during some of the worst, most traumatic and stressful situations a person can go through, and they have a vested interest in drawing out the process as long as possible. In addition to this, they often lead to one party feeling especially wronged, as they are forced to make one compromise after another.

For these reasons, it’s extremely important to find the best legal representation possible to both avoid a predatory attorney looking to fill their pockets and to get the best result possible during your legal proceedings. The problem with this is that there aren’t a lot of resources for people to turn to that give them the information they need regarding both the quality of character and efficacy of a lawyer during their time of need.

Thankfully, for our southern California readers, there’s one firm that we can easily recommend in the Santa Ana and coastal Orange County areas for both their efficacy in the courtroom and their impeccable morals: Shuff Law Firm. The firm has been operating since 1974 since the senior Shuff first opened up shop and has since expanded to include his daughter, meaning you get over 60 years of combined experience when you enlist their help in your legal battle.

The firm has a number of sterling testimonials to back up our recommendation, including this one from Laura K. at Yelp:

Shuff Law Firm was recommended to me by a dear friend and I highly recommend them to you!

Joe, Tamara and their entire team work with the utmost professionalism coupled with a genuine care for their clients needs. This Father- Daughter team brings many many years of experience to the table! They’ll represent you with integrity, honesty, and a great energy, yet will not be steamrollered by opposing counsel.

Most recently, Tamara held my hand during an incredibly tough situation while believing in me and the justice to prevail. Her kind heart keeps her honest and her experience keeps her strong!

I can’t recommend Shuff Law Firm enough!

As well as Kelly G.’s, also at Yelp:

My highest respect and regards for this law firm, in which I am extremely thankful for the level of professional care, support, advice and representation I received during a most difficult divorce. Tamara is the first lawyer that actually understood the complexity of my situation AND took action.  Her support staff were caring and timely.  I highly recommend this law firm to all my friends and anyone who is need of understanding and intelligent help. I am forever grateful

If you sense that your marriage is ending, or if you believe a friend will benefit from legal council regarding a failing marriage or legal separation, we heartily recommend that you give Shuff Law Firm a call. They’ll give you fair and effective representation without trying to needlessly extend the suffering in pursuit of greater profits. You can’t ask much more from a family law attorney.

Shuff Law Firm

(714) 834-0175

2107 North Broadway, Ste 301, Santa Ana, CA 92706