June 14, 2024

Orange County Mediation

For couples undergoing divorce, there are two primary options available to them: divorce court or mediation. With divorce courts getting a deservedly bad rap in popular culture, many couples are turning to mediation to resolve their marital disputes and make the dissolution of their legal relationship more cordial.

Orange County readers who are in need of legal respite to dissolve their broken marriage but do not want to resort to the circus that often erupts from divorce court proceedings can look to one of the best mediators in the country to help them through the process: McNamee Mediations. The firm has been helping couples separate amicably for almost 20 years, and the results they’ve provided have provided some glowing testimonials:

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Not all marriages work out, and the law has made it an extremely complex and often ugly process for couples to detach themselves from one another. Mediators act as a neutral third party that works with each person in the relationship to determine who receives what asset in a way that both parties can agree to, thereby avoiding the nasty battles associated with divorce.

The Orange County law offices of McNamee Mediations deals with a number of unique and difficult cases, almost always reaching a swift and relatively painless conclusion for all involved. If you’re looking for a family practice that primarily deals with divorce through mediation, give the office a call:

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