May 19, 2024

Don’t Let Yourself Be Shortchanged

Coastal California has been one of the hottest real estate markets for years, with the median listing price rising from a low of $300,000 during the recession in 2012 to an astounding $560,000 in 2020. Any property you buy in the state, especially if it’s located in or adjacent to the coastal counties, is going to be an extremely costly, though no doubt lucrative, investment.

Seeing this, it goes as a matter of course that you do not want to be purchasing a lemon. Any home owner can tell you of horror stories that they or someone they know have purchased a property with some damage they missed or severely underestimated the cost to repair damage they caught and factored into the buying price.

With home prices getting so wildly expensive in the California market, a buyer has to tread lightly, as significant renovations can combine with high up front costs and lead to financial disaster. To protect themselves, many investors or persons looking to secure a home in California have taken the smart route and looked into retaining the services of a real estate attorney in ensuring their property purchases go smoothly and without and major surprises.

There’s a number of different reasons you may look into using an attorney that specializes in real estate law, whether you’re buying or selling. According to, real estate attorneys are used in any situation that is atypical (I.E., you’re a family buying a newly built house), including those investors that are out-of-town buyers, properties that are foreclosed or bank-owned, estate sales, commercial properties, or the sellers that are selling property that is in a state of distress, whose owner is now deceased, or are in the process of a divorce. Regardless of your reason, if you’re looking for a real estate attorney you can trust to hold your end of the line, we recommend you look no farther than Burris Law, one of Orange County’s finest firms.

Established in 2015, Jason and Ariana Burris have been helping their clients out of a number of tricky real estate issues and are one of the highest rated law firms in the Orange County area. As with any sizable purchase, it’s important to get the most competent protection available, as (willful or ignorant) mistakes can land back on you, as it did with Rebecca:

“Someone else’s tax liens ($50k worth) showed up on a title search when I went to sell my house. Mr. Burris took the case even though he knew it would be problematic. Without judgment and with complete professionalism, Jason spent more time listening to me than any other attorney I’ve ever used and kept me completely in the loop with personal emails, calls and texts. The title issue was resolved quickly and painlessly. Thank you, Jason, for all your help, especially with the Feds.”


These kinds of mistakes or malicious financial moves made by landlords are not uncommon, and if you don’t have solid legal defense, can leave you with a ruinous bill. Never take these financial attacks lying down; enlist the assistance of Burris Law and get the representation you deserve.

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